Balerina ballet classesfor adults BudapestBallet Classes

Our adult ballet classes are suitable for all experience levels and are an inspiring way to develop strength, flexibility and coordination. As with all our dance classes, these ballet courses are designed to fit around your working life and are held at a dance studio in the IX. district of Budapest.

We have three different levels of ballet courses:

  • Beginners - an introduction to ballet covering basic steps, choreography and barre exercises for absolute beginners  (now available only in Hungarian language)
  • Intermediate 1 – suitable for those with some previous ballet experience, or for those who have completed our Beginners course.
  • intermediate + pointe – our most advanced course: for those who have been ballet dancing for some time.

We also have fun ballet-inspired fitness classes Barre Fit and Flexibility Course, to develop better range of movement and toned muscles for dance. PLEASE NOTE, that dance lessons, stretching and yoga classes are held in Hungarian!


Balerina adult ballet BudapestBallet Beginners

If you’ve always fancied trying a ballet class, but not sure if it will be for you, take this Ballet Beginner.  Ballet, as well as being both a beautiful and a highly technical dance, is also great fun and a perfect way to keep yourself fit and in shape. Come and experience Ballet in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Skills Explored:

  •     Understand posture and awareness of your body in space.
  •     Develop basic co-ordination of arms / feet / head.
  •     Learn basic combination of steps
  •     Barre exercises and stretches including learning each exercise name and meaning

Ballet Classes – Beginners

If you are new to ballet or are looking to refresh your skills, then our Ballet Beginners course is the perfect starting point. Ballet is a great discipline for anyone looking to take up dance for the first time, and also helps develop greater strength and flexibility. This Beginners course is a fun introduction to ballet and will cover key ballet principles in a supportive environment. You will begin to develop core ballet skills, working on flexibility, coordination and graceful movement. You will also learn basic ballet steps, fun choreography, and demystify ballet terminology and exercises.


On the Beginners Ballet course you will:

  •     Develop strength and flexibility
  •     Exercise at the barre, learning the purpose of each exercise 
  •     Understand good posture and develop awareness of your body in space
  •     Develop movement and coordinating different parts of the body
  •     Learn basic ballet steps
  •     Put techniques learned into practice with simple ballet choreography
  •     You will be given friendly feedback and support from your tutor through out the course.

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Ballet Classes - Intermediate

Like all our ballet classes, in Intermediate you will focus on improving posture and balance. You'll take your skills to the next level by developing the athleticism and grace needed to meet the more technical demands of ballet, and of course continue to have fun.

Our Ballet Intermediate classes follow on from our Ballet Beginners class, enabling you to continue to master the skills fundamental to ballet. Our teachers offer constant support in an enjoyable atmosphere, making sure you get the most from your class.

Exact course content may differ depending on the duration of the course and your needs, but topics covered generally include:

  •     Understand and improve posture: and an awareness of your body in space
  •     Demonstrate and identify movements: and learn their names
  •     Learn more challenging footwork combinations: and short simple choreography
  •     Master longer strengthening exercises: including increasingly challenging balances
  •     Training for: petit batterie, en dedans & en dehoir turns and grand allegro

Barre Fit Workout (Fittbalett)

Balerina ballet classesfor adults BudapestOur Barre Fit Workout classes work on core strength by combining toning exercises, Pilates, and ballet barre work. This dance-based conditioning workshop focuses on sculpting your body, improving core strength and flexibility. These classes mix relaxing stretching exercises with cardio interval blasts to get your heart rate going. Under the guidance of our instructor, you will work on sculpting your whole body from head to toe.

Barre Fit Workout is a fun, challenging and intelligent practice which blends the movement and technique of Ballet with the precision of Pilates and the stretch of yoga. Each class delivers an energising and effective work out for the entire body, helping build alignment, whilst strengthening the core and toning muscles. Barre classes are dynamic and engaging and a perfect addition for those looking for an inspired exercise which is effective both on its own, or alongside a yoga and Pilates practice.  Everyone is welcome to join so come join in the fun and show off your graceful side.

This workout will include, and benefits of barre:

  • enhances posture and muscle tone
  • improves cardiovascular fitness
  • develops core strength
  • increases flexibility throughout the body
  • boosts efficiency of body movement
  • builds better balance, coordination and alignment
  • Core Conditioning
  • Toning
  • Stretches
  • Improving posture and balance
  • Flexibility exercises
  • Improving coordination

 Barre Fit Workout  classes are available at only on Mondays at 8. p.m.

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Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz tánc Balerina

Jazz Dance is the ideal way to develop well-rounded dance skills. Lively, energetic, and creatively diverse, Jazz combines styles and techniques from a variety of popular dance forms. Build confidence, technical ability and performance quality by trying a Jazz Taster, furthering your talents, or joining our Jazz Company. All our Jazz Dance classes are for adults.

Combining the best of many different genres, from Musical Theatre to Street Dance, the Jazz Dance Beginners class provides the perfect foundation for anyone stepping into the dance world for the first time, and the opportunity to try out a variety of styles.

Jazz is a commercial style of dance that’s great fun and easy to learn. And as with all our dance classes, it'll help build your fitness and tone your body too.


Exact content may differ depending on students' needs and course duration, but topics generally covered include:

  •     Understand the fundamentals of basic modern jazz dance: including turns, steps and basic kicks
  •     Learn about posture, co-ordination and position in dance
  •     Lose inhibitions and gain confidence: while developing greater balance, flexibility and strength
  •     Understand various dance styles: and basic footwork and co-ordination, corner to corner work
  •     Learn up to 4 simple routines in different styles: as well as having the opportunity for group work, duos and solos
  •     Gain a deep understanding of performance and technicality

Contemporary Dance Classes

Modern Kortárs - Tuesday  6.30 p.m.

Contemporary Dance is all about expressing emotion through organic movements and unrestricted lines. Incorporating elements of lyrical Jazz, Ballet and Modern dance, Contemporary is an exciting fusion which allows students to work through powerful and emotional routines. Our Contemporary classes for adults cover a range of techniques, including Cunningham, Graham, and Release, making for exciting and varied courses, which develop fundamental skills, including balance, poise and graceful movement.Contemporary Dance adult ballet balerina

In the Contemporary Dance Beginners class, you will learn to move in a creative, freeing and graceful way, while also transforming your posture and balance and improving your fitness. You'll combine aspects of different Contemporary techniques such as Graham, Cunningham and Release. Our Contemporary Dance Beginners class builds up from simple steps and techniques to fully formed routines. It's fast and fun, but the teaching style is fully supportive and suitable for people with little or no dance experience.

Course content may differ depending on group size, and course length, but generally includes:

  •     Understand and explore basic moves
  •     Work on co-ordination of arms / feet / head and build core strength
  •     Learn essential combinations of steps and perform a selection of short fundamental choreography from steps learnt
  •     Learn simple technical exercises to improve posture, such as centering and floor exercises and travelling steps

There are several Contemporary Dance Styles and our tutors are experts in different combinations of those styles. Below are the main Contemporary Dance genres:

  •     Release: emphasis on fluidity and the efficient use of energy and breath
  •     Graham: focus on the use of contraction, release, fall and recovery
  •     Cunningham: promotes natural movement through rhythm and articulation
  •     Contact Improvisation: partners improvise using weight exchange and fluid movement

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You don't need to be 25, supple, a size 6 and to eat tofu to benefit from yoga! It suits any body shape or life stage – kids, teens, pregnancy, middle and advanced years. Home to qualified teachers, in our beautiful studio and a broad range of classes and courses, we offer something perfect for you.

First time - new to yoga: the start of an amazing journey

Yoga is for everyone: men, women, kids + teens, through to seniors, mothers-to-be and new mums. Taking your first step onto the yoga mat is an exciting new beginning. Building a solid foundation is the most important part of your yoga practice.

The best way to begin                                                                     

A Hatha Yoga Course or is the ideal (but not the only) way to begin your practice. You will be alongside other beginners, discovering yoga in a safe and fun space. The practice builds week by week, providing a solid foundation and inspiring you for classes or a course at the next level.  Take your time – practice and patience are essential. Challenge yourself, but never strain yourself.

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Flexibility Classes (Stretching)

Whether you wish to improve your flexibility for dance, sporting activities, or general fitness and well-being, these classes will help you strengthen your muscles and increase your range of movement. Using the techniques of the dancer to improve form and build supple, strong tendons and muscles, the course will cover a range of techniques to help you to stretch safely and effectively, improve your posture and alignment, and ultimately achieve greater overall flexibility in your body.

  •     Improve level of flexibility
  •     Understand how to stretch and relax different muscle groups
  •     Increase strength and stamina
  •     Learn how to do the splits
  •     Improve your dance ability

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Prices + passes:

  • First time: HUF 1.500 buy now
  • Drop in: HUF 1.890   buy now
  • 5 class pass, valid for 45 days: HUF 8.750 buy now
  • 10 class pass, valid for 60 days: HUF 16.200 buy now
  • Students 10 class pass, valid for 60 days: HUF 14.990 buy now
  • month-to-month unlimited Balerina pass holders, (valid for 30 days): HUF 18.500 buy now

Terms and conditions:

First time offer available to new clients to any classes (except russian class) only and limited to 1 per person.

Online bookings: Book your favourite classes, classes can be booked up to 2 weeks in advance.

Make an online booking: Select the class from 'Órarend' menu, and choose to the corresponding class you would like to book.

If you are creating a new account, please use your details in the registration. If you already have an online account, we recommend signing in for the first time using your User name and just click on the class.  This will ensure that the online account you are using is the same as your existing studio account - and therefore contains your existing class credits. If this is your first visit, please proceed with registering. A Balerina ID card will be given to you at your sign-in.

Classes: All of the classes can be pre-booked up to 14 days in advance. 100% of the spaces in each class can be pre-booked online. We do not hold places for  drop ins. But, if you are unable to pre-book your class online there will maybe still be drop in spaces available.  As with all classes arrive early to ensure your place and get settled into class.

Cancellations: class bookings can be cancelled up to 1 day in advance only online. If you paid by class pass, your class will be credited back to your account. Reception will not be able to process any cancellations. Late cancellations: any cancellations made within 3 hours of the class start time will not be credited back to your class or refunded.

Please sign in with reception or at the self-check in at least 10 minutes in advance to the class starting. If you have not signed in by this time, your space may be opened up to allow drop ins and this will be treated as a late cancellation and your class will not be credited or refunded. Online booking is available for first time visitors also. When you arrive for your appointment please let reception know that you have arrived.

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